The best known antioxidants

Doc. Oprescu Andreea Silvia, specialist in diabetes mellitus, nutrition and metabolic diseases, from Saint Lukas Hospital Polyclinic, talks to us about the best known antioxidants.
The best known antioxidants are: vitamin C, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E and  selenium.
The most important sources of vitamin C are: fresh fruits, especially citrus, blackcurrant, but also green vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, parcel, Brussels sprout)
Sources for vitamin E: vegetable fat (sun flower seeds, wheat sprout oil, cotton, corn, soy seeds).
Vitamin A: live, fat fish meat (herring, mackerel), whole milk, egg, as well as green vegetables (spinach, green salad), yellow vegetables (carrot, mango, oranges).
An adequate intake of antioxidants helps us increase the body’s resistance against infections, cancers, cardio-vascular diseases.
Daily recommended intakes are vit C :75-90 mg/day, vit.E:15-20 mg/day
vit A:700-900 micrograms/day.
Larger doses are recommended for pregnant women, lactation period, smokers, alcoholics, immunity decreasing states.