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Cosmetics Treatments and procedures designed for all skin types

Dermocosmetics represents a branch of dermatology in charge with treating superficial skin afflictions such as acne, wrinkles, redness, spots, dark rings or ruptured vessels, using both cosmetic products as well as pharmaceutical ones. Furthermore, dermato-cosmetics treatments are performed in order to improve the health and skin aspect.

These afflictions may occur pursuing each person’s rhythm and style, the diet, genetic factors of sun exposure in time, aging.

The Romgermed Clinics provide a wide range of dermato-cosmetics services such as: correction of wrinkles, axillary hyperhidrosis, correction of nasogenian grooves, augmentation of lips, mezotherapy, chemical peeling. Depending on each person’s type of complexion, the skin’s wear degree and the desired effect, the dermatologist customs the procedures so as to obtain a maximum effect.

The treatments and procedures applied are modern, performed with state of the art devices and products at competitive prices.

The Romgermed clinics provide safety, comfort as well as absolute confidentiality.

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(Full evaluation of the skin, hair and nails)
(moles state assessment)
(treatment which consists of a controlled exfoliation of the facial skin)

Procedure nameDescriptionPrice *
Wrinkles correction superior facial level3 areas1300 lei
Wrinkles correction superior facial level2 areas1000 lei
Wrinkles correction superior facial level1 area 600 lei
Axillary hyperhidrosis1600 lei
Correction of nasogenian grooves1 ML A.H. 900 lei
Correction of nasogenian grooves2 ML A.H.1400 lei
Partial augmentation of lips1 ML A.H.1200 lei
Total augmentation of lips2 ML A.H.1600 lei
Mezotherapy (facial rejuvenation)appointment350 lei
Mezoterapie scalp (alopecie)appointment300 lei
Mezotherapy (facial rejuvenation, neck and cleavage)appointment450 lei
Mezotherapy stretch marks (abdomen, buttocks, thighs)appointment400 lei
Superficial chemical peeling
appointment250 lei

* the prices can be recalculated regarding the used product and the injected quantity

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Treatments & Procedures

Chemical peeling

The medical chemical peeling is a treatment consisting in a controlled exfoliation at skin level. By desquamation and subsequent skin regeneration from the deep layers, a rejuvenated aspect is obtained and the skin imperfections are less visible. Depending on the depth which the peeling agent enters, the peelings are classified into three categories: superficial peeling, average peeling and deep peeling. Each peeling category is addressed to certain types of lesions. The healing time and complications vary depending on the substance and selected concentration. The peeling is indicated in the treatment of various dermatological affections such as:

  • Actinic keratosis
  • Sun elastosis
  • Pigmentation disorders (post-inflammatory, dischromias)
  • Superficial scars
  • Acne
  • Milia
  • Dimming/reducing of wrinkles

Moreover, it also purifies and detoxifies the skin, leaving it hydrated and free of impurities, closes the pores, improving the skin texture and increases the epidermal thickness, uniforms the complexion nuance, brings luminosity and dims the skin imperfections.

The most important counter indications of the peeling procure are the treatments with isotretinoin within the last 6 months, the existence of some scaring vices, other facial surgical interventions within the past 24 months, skin infections, immunosuppression, patient with unrealistic expectations, smoker.

The most important complications of the peeling procedure are pigmentation or skin discoloring on some parts, occurrence of atrophic or hypertrophic scars, even keloid one on the peeling area, skin over-infection, occurrence of milia, prolonged redness or pruritus, alterations of skin texture, thermal sensitivity (cold or hot).

 Mezotherapy or beauty cocktail

Mezotherapy consists in introducing at the middle level of the skin through microinjections, of a substances cocktail, established by the doctors depending on the patient’s needs, containing natural extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, oligo-elements etc.

The procedure represents a needle technique (syringe with very fine needle) performed manually or using an instrument (with specially created devices such as a pen or a gun).

It stands as very important in treating some dermatological/esthetic affections such as: alopecia (hair falling); cellulitis; stretch marks; dark rings or regenerative therapy at face, cleavage or back of palms level. For each of these issues, the currant physician prepares a therapeutic protocol describing the substances used, the total number of appointments and their frequency.

This technique induces the acceleration of the natural synthesis process for the supporting fibers, the skin thusly recovering its elasticity, firmness and tonicity with a real lifting look.
Corrects flaws related to the texture, fine wrinkles, diffuse pigmentation, depressed scars, reestablishing the skin integrity and aspect.

The adverse effects are minimum. Small bruises or hematomas, redness, local pain, burning sensation, itching or a minor local allergic reaction may occur.


Hyperhidrosis or excessive perspiration, may be generalized when the entire body is affected or localized when the palms, soles (feet) or axillary areas are affected.

Hyperhidrosis is a frequent symptom which produces a lot of discomfort to the patient, generally in terms of esthetics. If we were to refer to the treatment of localized hyperhidrosis (armhole or the armpit are which produces the most important esthetic damage) a botulin toxin may be used. By injecting this toxin the sweat glands are removed from function and thusly, their secretion is prevented. The effect lasts up to 8-9 months.


Moles, known in medical terms as nevocelular nerves, are benign formations, brown or black, which grow on the skin. Most commonly, moles are harmless to our health, their evolution being benign. Some moles are, however, dangerous, they can turn into melanoma, when suffering an aggression (physical, chemical) or under ultraviolet rays.

The most aggressive type of skin cancer

Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Detected and intervened in early stages, melanoma can be, however, treated and cured. Unfortunately, statistics show that in Romania patients arrive too late to the dermatologist.
According to a warning released by the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic and Surgery Dermatology, in 80% of cases of advanced malignant melanoma from our country, the patients have a chance of survival of 5 years after the detection of the disease.
The cause? Romanians arrive very late to the doctor because they are not aware of the enormous risk that represent their condition. As a consequence, the dermatologists discovers very late the tumor when the patient’s chances of survival are minimal.
In Romania, malignant cancer incidence rate is 4.7 per hundred thousand for men and 4.4 per hundred thousand for women. The risks of this disease hovers over all ages. Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer. Although it is responsible for only 4% of all skin cancers, it causes 80% of deaths caused by skin cancer. In the last three decades, the incidence of advanced melanoma has more than doubled in Europe, according to the Romanian Society of Dermato-Oncology. “Unfortunately, existing statistics are not correct because the reporting rate is below the real one!!” explains Tatiana Tarciatu, Medical Group Romgermed Dermatologist.

Doctors recommend examination of moles

Specialists of Medical Group Romgermed recommend moles examination.
“To prevent the risks that presents any mole (nevus) is recommended to be aware of how it evolves. Dermoscopy is a new method, revolutionary that helps in diagnosis, surveillance and differentiation of pigmented lesions of the skin. The doctor will inspect the moles with a tool called dermascope, which has a integrated light source and a magnification power, of ten times. The dermoscopy examination isn’t uncomfortable and does not hurt. At the beginning of the warm season, any person who has many moles, especially if some have changed the appearance, should make a dermoscopy. With the dermoscope, the doctor can distinguish harmless moles of those with malignant potential ” says the physician Tatiana Tarciatu.


Malignant cancer incidence rate is 4.7 per hundred thousand in men and 4.4 pe hundred thousand, for women. The risks of this disease hovers over all ages.

Peeling with mandelic acid

Mandelic acid is extracted from the almond powder
It stimulates the formation of new cells and fibers (collagen)
Cause a slight and progressive exfoliation of the skin
Acts superficial and in most of the cases doesn’t cause burns/redness
It is safe, with excellent results
Present antiseptic and depigmentation effects.

Indications: Ideal for hyperpigmentation, photoaging, acne and oily skin

Peeling with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a betahidroxiacid with keratolytic action. It is a fat-soluble acid having the effect of removal the keratin layer
Presents bacteriostatic and antiseptic action
It regulates sebum, inhibiting lipogenesis
It improves the structure and appearance of oily skin
Holds under control Propionilbacterium acnes
Stimulates tissue regeneration
Stimulates the synthesis of oxygen – improves the unpleasant appearance of the aged skin