Since its settlement in 1999 until now, Medical Group Romgermed has continued to develop, becoming one of the major players in the medical field. In its 15 years of existence, in the ambulatory specialty, Medical Group Romgermed provided medical services of the highest quality standards, such as clinical examinations and investigations, laboratory, occupational medicine and family medicine.
The above mentioned services can be also reckoned up by the National Health Insurance Fund, Medical Group Romgermed being the leader in this segment.
Thanks to integrated healthcare services provided by us, we encourage long-term relationships with patients by offering personalized plans for treatment and health monitoring, currently serving over 150,000 patients per year.
 As a result of the ongoing major investment in the latest equipment, of efforts to cover all RENAR requirements for the entire range of medical tests, Romgermed Laboratories perform over 800 types of tests.
At the same time, the implemented advanced system of computerization and logistics allows fast collection of samples and provision of prompt results to patients.

Medical Group Romgermed holds the following competitive advantages:

  • Efficient logistics system for the transport of biological samples, with own cars, equipped according to the rules in force;
  • Integrated Information System – allows keeping the confidentiality of datas, minimizing human error and reducing the period of tests results release;
  • Design, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system leads to continuous growth of capacity and offered services.

We have a top medical team, young and motivated, which consists of over 500 specialists (physicians, biologists, biochemists, chemists, laboratory assistants), devoting every day toit’s patients, with professionalism and care.

The entire staff is included in a program of continuous development, supported by the company, through which our specialists are constantly updated with the latest news in the field.
We collaborate with more than 50 partners from the medical field, including insurance companies, dialysis centers and medical centers.

Mission, Vision, Values

  • Our mission is to provide daily accessible medical services at the highest standards of quality.
  • Our vision is to provide special care to each patient through personalized medical solutions.
  • The following values ​​are our guiding business: safety, excellence, accessibility, availability, efficiency and integrity.



The first Romgermed Clinic (located in Drumul Taberei) starts it’s activity.


Was opened the first medical laboratory.


The first agreement with the Bucharest State Health Insurance was concluded.


  • Opening of the medical laboratory “S.C. Clinica Romgermed S.R.L.” in Constanta;
  • Starts the activity of the medical laboratory “S.C. Clinca Romgermed S.R.L.”, Dr. Demostene, Bucharest.


Starts the activity of the medical laboratory within the Nephrology Clinical Hospital „Dr. Carol Davila”, Bucharest.


Opening of two medical laboratories:

  • within the Emergency Clinical Hospital „Sf. Ioan”,Bucharest;
  • within “Bucur” Maternity in Bucharest.


Starts the activity for the medical laboratory serving the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children „Grigore Alexandrescu” from Bucharest.


Opening of a new medical laboratory within the Emergency County Hospital in Giurgiu.


Continua seria extinderilor:

Opening of a new medical clinic in Constanta.


Opening  the Polyclinic of RomGerMed Saint Lukas Hospital.
Opening  of a new medical clinic, located in Calea Vacaresti, Bucharest.
Opening of a new medical laboratory “S.C. Clinica Romgermed S.R.L.”,Bucharest.
Establishment of histopathology within the Emergency Clinical Hospital „Sf.Ioan”, Bucharest.
Establishment of the histopathology laboratory within „Bucur” Maternity, Bucharest.