I learned recently that within the Saint Lukas Polyclinic  was opened a dentistry cabinet.
From curiosity, I accessed their website and noticed that they have promotional prices.
In conclusion, since I was delighted by the offered services, I made an appointment at the dentist Zinca Cristina, but being a little skeptical because I’m going to the same dentist for almost 4 years.
But I was very pleasantly surprised by the kindness and professionalism of Mrs doctor, and the cabinet also.
Everything is new, clean, and Mrs Zinca knows how to banish the slightest fear! I highly recommend this dentistry cabinet!

Mrs. Mihaela D.

I had big problems with the thyroid gland, but no doctor that I visited succedeed to find an efficient treatment. So I made an appointment at Mrs Antonela Burlacu, endocrinologist at Polyclinic of Romgermed Saint Lukas Hospital and I can say with confidence that the treatment that she prescribed me worked great  and within a year my body has found it’s balance. I want to thank again Mrs. Antonela Burlacu for the professionalism and care that has proved!

Mrs. Larisa I.

For several years I have weight problems due to sedentary life, food.
One day, I started looking on the internet a nutrition cabinet being very determined to take care of this.
Note that not only the ladies are going to the nutritionist! I found many nutrition cabinets, doctors, but I chose to go to Romgermed Tineretului Clinic at doctor Oprescu Silvia and I did well! She was very patient with me, she explained me very nicely why it is necessary to follow a strict diet and practice sports. I followed her advices and so I managed to lose the excess weight, but I still have work to do. Congratulations, you’re doing a great job!

Mr. Dan D.

It’s a great thing that you easily can register at a family doctor within any Romgermed Clinic.
I am very pleased with the chosen doctor, he is always available to me and my family, I can count on him.

Mrs. Adina M.
Recently I noticed that Romgermed opened a samples collection point within Titan Polyclinic, so that I went there to do several blood tests.
I was very pleased, the samples were collected very quickly and painlessly.
Everything was fine, the nurse was very nice and many tests were free because they work with CASMB.
I accessed the tests results very easy, on their website, using the Personal Identification Number and bulletin code. Thank you!
Mrs. Oana G.

For several years, me and my family are going for medical tests at Romgermed.
It is a very good thing that you have opened samples collection points in various parts of the city,  in this way are available to everyone.
The medical nurses are very nice and experienced, everything goes quickly and easily, we have no problems.
We access online the tests results.
In addition, there are always funds for tests, settled bt CASMB.

Mr. Oliviu P

Am citit pe website-ul Romgermed de noul serviciu, cel de Imagistica Medicala – Osteodensitometrie.
Pentru ca mamei i s-a recomandat o investigatie DEXA, locuind in apropiere, am ales sa vin la Policlinica Spitalului Romgermed Saint Lukas.
Am facut o alegere foarte buna,  investigatia nu a durat mai mult de 20 min. aparatul fiind foarte performant.
In plus, am profitat de ofertele speciale si a fost foarte convenabil.

I read on the Romgermed’s website about their new serviceMedical Imaging Osteodensitometry.
Because my mother was recommended a DEXA investigation, living nearby, I chose to come to Polyclinic of Romgermed Saint Lukas Hospital.
I made a good choice, the investigation didn’t last more than 20 minutes because of the high performance osteodensitometer.
In addition, we took advantage of special offers and it was very convenient.

Mrs. Cecilia D.

De curand am fost la o consultatie la dna dr. Tarciatu Tatiana, in Clinica Romgermed Tineretului.
Este foarte draguta si amabila, o recomand cu caldura.
Mi-a oferit o solutie la problema mea si s-a dovedit a fi foarte eficienta, iar pentru asta ii multumesc…am consultat multi medici dermatologi inaintea dansei, insa niciunul nu a reusit sa ma ajute.

Recently I was at a medical examination at Mrs. Tarciatu Tatiana, Tineretului Romgermed Clinic.
She is very nice and kind, I highly recommend her.
She offered me a solution to my problem and it proved to be very effective, and for that I thank her I was at many dermatologists before her, but none was able to help me.

Mrs. Ramona S.