Summer is coming and dermatologists from Medical Group Romgermed recommend us to examinate our moles by dermoscopy.

                                                                             SPECIAL OFFER

                                                    EXAMINATION + DERMOSCOPY (1-5 lesions)

                                                                                      90 LEI

* Offer valid in all Romgermed clinics and can’t be cumulated with other existing promotions.

“To prevent the risks that present any mole (nevus) is recommended to be aware of how it evolves. Dermoscopy is a new method, groundbreaking aid in the diagnosis, surveillance and differentiation of pigmented lesions of the skin.
The doctor will inspect the moles with a tool called dermoscope, which has a integrated light source and a magnification of ten times.
The dermoscopy isn’t uncomfortable and does not hurt. At the beginning of the warm season, any person who has many moles, especially if some have changed appearance, should make a dermoscopy. With dermoscopy, the doctor can distinguish harmless moles of the malignant potential, “said Tatiana Tarciatu dermatologist of Medical Group Romgermed.