20% discount from catalog prices for patients of Polyclinic of Romgermed Saint Lukas Hospital!

Other offers:

  • PC filter lenses (hardening, antireflection treatment, superhydrophobic layer, PC filter) – 20% discount
  • ESSILOR, HOYA, ZEISS, RHEIN progressive lenses  with antireflection and hardening treatment –20% discount
    * for noncompliance within 30 days, we offer as a GIFT, a pair of bifocals lenses with antireflection treatment, with spherical diopters up to  +/- 4.00
  • For any type of progressive lenses purchased, you will receive as a GIFT one pair of monofocal lenses with antireflection treatment, up to +/- 6 diopters .oo d sf Offers for pensioners:
  • Eyeglasses at 120 lei (plastic frame + hardened plastic lenses with diopters up to  +/- 6.00 d sf + fitting+ pouch + microfiber cloth)
  • At any acquisition you benefit of 20% discount PARENTS! We offer:
  • 30% discount at any acquisition made for your children
  • Plastic lenses with antireflection treatment (provides protection from artificial light) +/- 6 .00 d sf as a GIFT, if you buy a eyeglasses frame.* Offers can not be cumulated and are valid until December 30, 2015
    For further details, please contact us:


Polyclinic of Romgermed Saint Lukas  (137 C Calea Plevnei nr. 137 C, Bucharest, 6th District (060011)

Optinostra – Medical optics cabinet

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E-mail: optinostra@yahoo.com
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